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Good... But not Great....

This flash movie was good but not great... but since its your first time... good job...
-The graphics was nicely illustrated ...
-The style in which its based on is nothing I have seen thus far on New Grounds , speaking Japanese in which captivated the people that didn't know Japanese by its uses of the words, good job on that...
-The sound could be smoothed tho (but it was your first time).
-The violence has a nice blend to the story... unique in which Merin burned Rabbit-San and the whole house with it.
-The interactivity was a little crude, in which as you sound the same the whole story through...you didn't act as if you were mad or happy... you just sound mild... (You can do better on that.)
-The humor was a little corny, but it was funny when you watch the rabbit getting burned by the bits, as well as the father finding the house being burnt down.
-The overall score was fairly decent for a first timer... Good Job... But you can still reach GREAT... Just fix those minnor weak points of yours and you got your self a perfect flash movie.

Great, Just Great

His been promoting his shity guru shit. Please bann him his the one that voted before me.

This Movie is Great!!!

I'm a FF fan and I got one thing to say don't diss off Black Mage >:o orelse. The animation rocks and so is the music. Great job man.

Ban this person his promoting his outwars shit!(myles222)(Stupid people when will they learn the rules .)

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Nice, Nice

You still have a bug. The bug is when you sleep and then when you goto the store it is 24 H.
And I got a major problem when I have my charm up two max it drops even if i sleep a full night and 2 days
P.S.(Please Note: That you can't earn your charm back up)

wtf is with the mario???


Pretty good

nothing to say but "try harder "

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Best music I've heard so far.

Damn thats swell, you should team up with the creater of the game, Megaman, Fire Storm v1.1.


If feels as if i never heard anything as like this. This music can make other flash games/movie worth watching. You are one skilled music maker person. Nice job, keep it up. =D

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Sounds like SHIT!

Man you got to be kidding me this SUX!!!

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